‘You May Want to go Ahead & Just go to Dollar Tree Instead’, Says Local News amid PNC Christmas Price Index High

Image: KSWO-TV in Oklahoma- Twitter video screenshot; edited with YouTube screenshot of Joe Biden. TFT compilation.

According to the PNC Christmas Price Index, prices are at record highs,” reported KSWO-TV in Oklahoma.

The ABC 7 local news channel advised its viewers to “go ahead and just go to Dollar Tree instead” as the economy is “impacted by inflation”.

“If you plan on getting gifts for the twelve days of Christmas, just know your pockets may hurt,” reported KSWO.

The cost of giving every item from “The Twelve Days of Christmas” increased by 2.7% this year.

The combined cost for the dozen gifts featured in the final verse of the famed Christmas carol totals $46,730.

That’s $1,207 higher than last year’s price tag, according to the 40th annual PNC Christmas Price Index.