WH Spokesman Says Biden Attended Hunter Business Meetings Because he ‘Loves Him’

Image: Ian Sams - senior advisor to the White House counsel’s office -- CNN Twitter/X video screenshot.

Ian Sams, White House spokesman for oversight and investigations, special assistant to Joe Biden, and senior advisor to the White House counsel’s office claimed on Wednesday that Biden attended his son Hunter’s business meetings because he “loves” him.

“Why was the President at those meetings or on those calls?” asked CNN.

“The truth is that the president, as he said publicly for years, calls his family every day to check-in. He calls his other family members to check in to see how they are doing. He loves them. They are a tight-knit family,” claimed Ian Sams.

Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer, however, told the House Oversight Committee in testimony this summer that Hunter had put his father on speakerphone during business meetings about 20 times.

Sams argued those calls were personal after Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced the opening of an impeachment inquiry into the president.

“I am directing our House committee to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden,” McCarthy said in a statement Tuesday.

The Biden administration also sent a letter to news organizations pushing the outlets “to ramp up its scrutiny” of House Republicans for opening an impeachment inquiry.

Chairman James Comer (R-KY) said Devon Archer testified that Joe Biden “joined Hunter Biden’s dinners with his foreign business associates in person or by speakerphone over 20 times” and was put on the phone to sell “the brand.”

Comer said the testimony shows “Joe Biden lied to the American people when he said he had no knowledge about his son’s business dealings and was not involved. Joe Biden was ‘the brand’ that his son sold around the world to enrich the Biden family.”

Biden has claimed he had nothing to do with Hunter’s business deals.

Emily Goodin at Daily Mail reports:

Republicans have charged Biden and his family made millions off shell companies Hunter Biden formed when his father was vice president. Hunter had business deals with an energy company in Ukraine, received a discounted stake in a private equity firm in China, and did consulting for a Romanian real-estate magnate.

The president has denied any involvement in his son’s business dealings. But Republicans claim at least a dozen Biden family members could be involved in a scheme to benefit financially from Biden’s public office.

House investigators are expected to issue subpoenas for the bank records of the president and his family. The GOP also claim Biden sat in on at least 24 calls with Hunter’s business partners and was referred to as ‘the big guy’ by Hunter’s business associates. And they say Joe Biden used pseudonyms to discuss his activities related to Ukraine with his son Hunter during his time as vice president.

It’s estimated Hunter raked in $40 million through 20 shell companies and fake accounts created while Joe Biden was vice president.

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