Tom Perez Likens Joe Biden’s Documents At The University Of Delaware To “Hillary’s Emails’

Raddatz, PerezABC Video Screen Shots

DNC Chair Tom Perez likened the search for documents in Joe Biden’s records at the University of Delaware to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Biden’s records at the university have been reported to possibly contain Tara Reade’s initial complaint of sexual assault that she filed against the former Vice President while she was a staffer at his Senate Office.

Biden and other Democrats have pushed back at the notion that Reade’s file would be located at the university if it existed, yet they have failed to give a sound answer as to why they are against doing a general search there just to see if anything turns up.

“Why not just search Tara Reade in those documents?” Martha Raddatz asked.

“This is like the Hillary emails because there was nothing there,” Perez replied.

“And the reason is if I’m going — I worked on the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1995. The ranking member was Joe Biden,” he continued. “I wasn’t working for Joe Biden. I was working for Senator Kennedy. If you want to see my personnel records, you don’t go to the Kennedy Institute, that’s not where they go.” Video Below

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“And so you ask the University of Delaware to take a look at something, you’re asking them to look for something that doesn’t exist,” Perez said.

He then reiterated an earlier point that former President Obama “conducted an exhaustive search” before naming Biden as his running mate. Video Below


As far as Hillary’s emails are concerned,  Perez failed to point out that thousands of those emails were revealed to have been deleted at some point after the investigation was opened into her handling of classified documents.

Therefore, Perez’s comparison of potential Tara Reade documents to Hillary’s emails should be very concerning to anyone looking for truth in the matter.