Dan Crenshaw Exposes ‘Real Consequences’ Of Continuing COVID-19 Lockdowns: “You Can’t Run & Hide From The Virus Forever”

CrenshawFOX Video Screen Shot

Congressman Dan Crenshaw advised Americans on Saturday that we can’t “run and hide” from the coronavirus forever. And at some point, the country is going to have to move forward keeping in mind the risks associated with it as there are “real consequences” if lockdowns continue.

Crenshaw made the assessment while discussing why he feels Texas is taking the right approach after Governor Greg Abbott lifted lockdown restrictions this past week.

“I think the right thing is happening in Texas,” Crenshaw told Judge Jeanine.

“It’s a recognition of a couple things. You can’t run and hide from the virus forever. That was never an option. It’s a virus without a vaccine right now,” he said.

The congressman then stated that now we’re at a point where we are “better prepared” and have “better knowledge about the virus” to “confront” it.

“We understand who is vulnerable, who isn’t. We understand how to take personal responsibility and risk-mitigate in every single thing we do,” he said. “We understand what a new normal looks like.” Video Below

“So in Texas, we’re understanding that we have to trust the American people. We have to trust people to take responsibility,” Rep. Crenshaw continued. “We know that our hospital capacity has been well-protected and we’re letting people get back to work.”

“Cause let’s not forget, there are real consequences to this lockdown,” he declared. “It’s not just stock prices, okay. There’s people’s lives are being shattered. Suicides are up. People are not getting the medical care that they need as well — procedures are not happening.”

“So there are real consequences to this and I think what we’re doing is a recognition of that,” Crenshaw concluded. Video Below


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