Hillary Clinton Gets Blasted After Telling The Public ‘Don’t Poison Yourself’ Over Trump’s Remarks

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On Friday, Hillary Clinton got blasted on social media after she advised the public not to “poison” themselves, and suggesting that President Trump “thinks it could be a good idea.”

The statement from Hillary came in reaction to the media blowing up remarks President Trump made during Thursday’s coronavirus press conference.

During Thursday’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing, Bill Bryan, the head of the science and technology directorate at the Department of Homeland Security, presented the findings of the federal government’s study on sunlight, humidity and temperature’s effect on the coronavirus — as well as various disinfectants on the virus when it is on surfaces.

The president reacted to Bryan’s comments, suggesting that light and disinfectants may have the potential to treat COVID-19. However, the media and Democratic lawmakers took the president’s remarks “out of context”, according to White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, when they suggested he meant physically injecting household disinfectents into the body.

Trump later claimed his remarks were “sarcastic” when he suggested that scientists should consider exposing the body to disinfectants as a potential treatment for the coronavirus, and he asserted that he was not encouraging Americans to inject disinfectents.

Despite Trump’s attempt to set the record straight, Hillary tweeted, “Please don’t poison yourself because Donald Trump thinks it could be a good idea.”

As her post circulated the twittersphere, Hillary was met with retaliation from her opposition including Donald Trump Jr., Dana Loesch, James Woods and more.

Trump Jr. replied, “We know, we know… poison is reserved for a long list of people like Jeffrey Epstein… and servers. Am I right?”

Actor James Woods simply replied, “Epstein didn’t bleach himself.”

In his response, Dan Bongino couldn’t help tying Hillary’s remarks to her email scandal as he tweeted, “Please don’t wipe your illicit server clean because they contain emails they may implicate you in the biggest political spying scandal in American history either. Not a good idea.”

Dana Loesch struck the same note as Bongino as she replied, “Bleach is for emails, right?”

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Here are some more highly-engaged comebacks to Hillary’s tweet: