Sen. Kennedy to FBI Wray: ‘Why Didn’t you Just tell Everybody the Laptop’s Real?’

Image: Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) -- Town Hall X video screenshot. FBI Dir. Chris Wray -- Town Hall X video screenshot. TFT compilation.

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA), during a Tuesday hearing, pressed FBI Director Christopher Wray to admit the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop are real.

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, fifty-one former intelligence officials falsely labeled the laptop’s contents as a “Russian information operation” in a letter published by Politico. The contents, however, were later confirmed authentic.

“Why didn’t the FBI just say ‘Hey, the laptop’s real’? Why didn’t you just tell everybody the laptop’s real? We’re not vouching for what’s on it, but it’s real. This isn’t a fiction,”  Senator Kennedy said.

“Well, as you might imagine, the FBI cannot, especially in a time like that, be talking about an ongoing investigation,” Chris Wray responded. “Second, I would tell you, at least my understanding is that both the FBI folks involved in the conversations and the Twitter folks involved in the conversations both say that the FBI did not direct Twitter to suppress–”

“But others were, in government,” Kennedy interjected.

“Well, again, I can’t speak to others in government, that’s part of the point that I was trying to make,” Wray said.

“Yes, but you’re the FBI. You’re not part of the White House and part of Homeland Security. You’re not supposed to be political. You see all this controversy going on, why didn’t the FBI say, ‘Time out, folks, we’re not getting in the middle of this, but the laptop’s real’?” the Louisianna senator asked.

Wray claimed the agency had to be mindful about publicly commenting on an ongoing investigation during an election season.

“We have to be very careful about what we can say, especially in the middle of an election season, because that’s precisely some of the problems that led to my predecessor’s negative findings from the inspector general,” he responded.


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