Donald Trump Jr. Issues A Message To NRA Members & Gun Owners In Wake Of The 2020 Election: “I Need You To Stay In The Game”

Donald Trump Jr.NRA Video Screen Shot

On Friday, Donald Trump Jr. issued a message to NRA members as America is on the brink of another election season.

The NRA posted video of Trump Jr.’s message on their Twitter page.

“Guys, I need you to stay in the game. I need you to be involved,” Trump Jr. told viewers after giving a brief history of his background as an NRA member and a gun owner.

“I need you to put the passion that you have towaeds your pastime and towards your rights into this fight,” he said.

“I can assure you, we are up sgainst a huge juggernaut here,” Don Jr. declared. “They will do whatever it takes to try to take away your rights, your ability to protect yourself.”

“We must preserve our Second Amendment rights at all costs,” he concluded. Video Below


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In ending, here is an ad from President Trump’s 2020 campaign that Trump Jr. posted just a couple of days ago: