Tucker Carlson on ‘What the Results in Iowa Mean’: Trump ‘Triumphed Overwhelmingly…It was a Shocking Blowout’

Image: Tucker Carlson -- video screenshot via X.

Tucker Carlson, in a video posted to X, weighed in over Monday night’s Iowa caucus results, offering his thoughts on “what the results in Iowa mean.”

“Donald Trump won 51% of the vote. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida got 21%. Nikki Haley got 19%. In other words, Donald Trump won decisively,” the former Fox News host said.

“At this point, it’s hard to see how he’s not the Republican nominee. Because he didn’t just win [Monday] night, he triumphed overwhelmingly by a historic margin,” Carlson said.

“Trump won the Iowa caucuses by about 30 points. That’s more than double the previous record that was set in 1988 by Bob Dole,” he noted.

“So last night was not close; It was a shocking blowout. Trump did to Iowa what the Vikings once did to the Irish coast, only smoldering huts remain,” Carlson continued.

Carlson, in November, told Roseanne Barr during her podcast, that he will be voting for Trump. “I’m voting for Trump, and if they convict him, I will send him the max donations, and I will lead protests,” he said.

Tucker Carlson also believes that Joe Biden is going to “have a very hard time getting re-elected, much less serving another term.”

“Their only option at this point is to run a Republican who has the same views as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” he said.

“And that is exactly what they’re doing right now, no matter what they tell you. And that candidate’s name is Nikki Haley,” Carlson warned.

Watch Carlson’s full remarks:

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