‘Put Your Fingers in Your Ears, Lock up Your Chickens!’: Russell Brand Mocks MSNBC’s Hysteria after Trump’s Iowa Victory

Image: Russell Brand and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow -- X video screenshot.

Russell Brand mocked MSNBC for choosing not to air 45th President Donald Trump’s victory speech following his win in the Iowa caucuses Monday night.

Host Rachel Maddow claimed that the decision not to air Trump’s speech was not one that the network enjoyed, nor was it a decision made “out of spite”, adding, “There is a cost to us as a news organization of knowingly broadcasting untrue things”.

Russell Brand pointed out that the MSNBC host did “not mention” Donald Trump’s name, telling his viewers, “He’s not Voldemort. He’s not a Lord of Darkness”.

Brand said that when “people watch” remarks made by Trump “they kind of like him”, but added of the media, “This is extraordinary. It’s not an absolute condemnation of misinformation. It’s a condemnation of information that may lead to you losing trust in the establishment.”

“We can’t show him,” he teased. ‘There’s just too much truth. This terrifying speech — do you want to see it? Do you think you’re ready? Do you think you can handle the truth? Get ready for the elixir of language. … This is a vibrational frequency that will take you to another dimension. Aahh! Here it comes!”

“Hang on to your hats. Put your fingers in your ears. Lock up your chickens, every bit of livestock you’ve got, because here comes a person offering a polite speech,” Brand also said before showing a clip of Trump “thanking the people of Iowa”.

“Aahh! You’re thanking the people of Iowa! Oh, no!” Brand joked. “A man politely thanking the electorate. … Aahh! He’s asking people to come together! Oh, no. Don’t straighten out the world. I want a war in Yemen. I want a war in Ukraine. I want a war in China and Iran. I want war, war, war! More, more more!”

Beyond MSNBC, CNN also opted not to air Trump’s victory speech.

“The problem is, is that they’ve lost you,” Brand added, referring to legacy media. “They’ve lost you forever. You cannot trust them. You don’t trust them. You’ll never trust them again”.


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