Elon Musk: ‘What Really Happened with the Hunter Biden Story Suppression by Twitter will be Published on Twitter at 5pm ET!’

[Image: Hunter Biden -- CBS News Sunday Morning -- YouTube video screenshot. Elon Musk -- GuessWhosBackINC YouTube video screenshot. TFT compilation].

“What really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression by Twitter will be published on Twitter at 5pm ET!” Elon Musk announced Friday afternoon in a post on the social media platform.

Musk also revealed the post “will include live Q&A”.

Earlier in the year,  Musk cited free speech concerns and the future of civilization as the reasons he wanted to buy Twitter, saying the social-media platform should be more transparent about how and why it promotes content.

Musk also expressed, “This will be awesome”.

**Update** Elon reported it will be 40 more minutes.

Elon Musk also responded to a report from Reuters about Twitter’s move to free speech, writing on Wednesday, “The obvious reality, as long-time users know, is that Twitter has failed in trust & safety for a very long time and has interfered in elections.”

Yoel Roth, who was Twitter’s head of trust and safety, played a key role in censoring The New York Post’s October 2020 exposé on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop and has admitted it was a mistake.

In an interview with journalist Kara Swisher on Tuesday, Roth was asked if it was a mistake for Twitter to have blocked the story from being shared. He responded: “In my opinion, yes”.

Jack Dorsey, who was Twitter’s CEO at the time of the censorship, admitted during a congressional hearing on misinformation and social media in March of last year that blocking The Post’s report was a “total mistake.”

Twitter wasn’t the only social media platform to censor the bombshell report. Facebook also took extraordinary measures to prevent people from sharing the article — a move founder Mark Zuckerberg later pinned on the FBI.

Zuckerberg revealed in an interview with podcaster Joe Rogan in August that Facebook moved to suppress the report in response to a vague FBI warning about possible “Russian propaganda” tied to the 2020 presidential election.

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