‘Who the Hell do you Think you are?’ Jesse Kelly to Biden after Threatening Oil Companies with ‘Restrictions’

[Image: Jesse Kelly, host of "I’m Right" on The First -- Rumble video screenshot. Joe Biden -- Hannity Rumble video screenshot. TFT compilation].

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Jesse Kelly, host of “I’m Right” on The First, asked 79-year-old Joe Biden after he appeared to threaten major oil companies with “restrictions” on Monday.

“The oil industry has a choice. Either invest in America by lowering prices for consumers at the pump and increasing production and refining capacity. Or pay a higher tax on your excessive profits and face other restrictions,” Biden tweeted.

Joe Biden’s tweet:

Responding to Biden’s statement, Jesse Kelly said, “This tweet alone is impeachable and far worse than anything Trump did in the entirety of his presidency.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” he asked.

In a follow up tweet, Kelly wrote, “It’s legit fascinating to watch Democrats declare open war on the oil and gas industry while also demanding oil companies and oil countries help them in the struggle.”

“’Why aren’t you helping me load the gun that I’m absolutely gonna shoot you with?!'” he sarcastically wrote.

Fox Business reported:

Last week, some oil companies reported their large quarterly profits.

ExxonMobil said it generated $112.07 billion in third-quarter revenue and $19.7 billion in net income, respective increases of roughly 52% and 191% year-over-year. Chevron’s quarterly profit rose 84% to $11.23 billion while its revenue jumped 49% to $66.64 billion.

Meanwhile, for its third quarter, Shell said it had $9.45 billion in adjusted earnings, up from $4.13 billion in the same period the prior year.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday:

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