Watch: Tucker Carlson Laughs Hysterically After Showing a Clip of Kari Lake Torching CNN

[Image: Fox News host Tucker Carlson and AZ GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake -- Fox News Twitter video screenshots. TFT compilation].

During part of his Thursday night monologue, Fox News host Tucker Carlson laughed hysterically when he showed a video clip of Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake torching CNN correspondent Kyung Lah in June.

Carlson was explaining how Lake has taken on the media and understands their tactics, because she worked as a news anchor at Phoenix television station, KSAZ-TV, for 22 years.

“Here for example is Kari Lake’s response in June when a CNN reporter asked her for an interview. Watch this,” Carlson urged, before laughing hysterically at Lake torching CNN.

Tucker Carlson’s full monologue and interview with Kari Lake:

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