Steve Bannon Speaks out After Being Sentenced to Four Months in Prison for Defying Jan 6 Cmte

[Image: Steve Bannon -- Fox News Twitter video screenshot.]

Former Trump advisor Steven Bannon spoke out after he was sentenced on Friday to four months in prison and a $6,500 fine on two counts of contempt of Congress by D.C. District Judge Carl Nichols. The sentence, however, is to be delayed pending appeal.

Bannon was charged for defying subpoenas issued by the January 6 Committee due to executive privilege invoked by President Donald Trump regarding their communication. The 45th President ultimately revoked the executive privilege so his former advisor could testify.

Before walking into the court room on Friday morning, Bannon told the press, onlookers and protesters, “Remember, this illegitimate regime, their judgment day is on 8 November, when the Biden administration ends,” adding, “Thank you, and remember, take down the CCP”.

After the sentencing, Bannon spoke outside the court room, saying, ” …Today was my judgement day by the judge. … We’ll have a very vigorous appeals process. I’ve got a great legal team, and there will be multiple areas of appeal. On November 8th … there’s gonna [be] judgement on the illegitimate Biden regime, and quite frankly, Nancy Pelosi and the entire committee.”

“And we know which way that’s going. Either they’ve already been turfed out, like Liz Cheney, right? Or [they’ve] quit like [Rep. Adam] Kingzinger and other Democrats … or they’ll lose their power and become a minority,” Bannon told the press. “This is Democracy. The American people are weighing and measuring what went on with the Justice Department and how they comported themselves. They’re weighing and measuring that right now, and they will vote on November 8.”

“… The American people will reign judgement, and we will prove the Biden administration ends on the evening of the 8th of November. … The Department of Justice — Merrick Garland will end up being the first attorney general that’s brought up on charges of impeachment, and he will be removed from office,” he suspected.

Steve Bannon’s remarks before entering the court room on Friday morning:

Steve Bannon’s full remarks after the sentencing:

Steve Bannon’s daughter, Maureen Bannon, tweeted Friday, “To the world my dad is one person, but to me he is the world. My dad has always stood with me and I will always stand with him”.

“I repeat, I WILL ALWAYS STAND WITH STEVE BANNON!” she emphasized.

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