AR GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Sarah Sanders on why Arkansans Should Vote for her Based on her Resume

[Image: Arkansas Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a debate hosted by Arkansas PBS. C-SPAN video screenshot. TFT compilation].

Arkansas Republican gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders believes “one of the biggest things and one of the most important qualifications of a leader is being prepared for things that you have no idea are coming your way”.

The former white house press secretary, who served for 45th President Donald Trump, made the statement during a Friday debate, hosted by Arkansas PBS, when she was asked to explain why voters should choose her for The Natural State’s next governor based on her resume.

“Anyone can talk about specific policies and the things that they want to do, but the real test of a leader is when they’re challenged with things they never see coming,” Sanders told Arkansans during the debate.

“I’ve been tested at the highest levels of government under the most intense criticism you can possibly imagine and never once backing down from who I am or what I believe, but always rising to the moment, facing every challenge head on”, she said.

“… Knowing exactly who I am and not looking to the critics to define me,” Sanders continued. “I never needed validation from the room, because I had a Creator who had already given me that and set me on a path”.

Sanders said she knows that she is “prepared to step in on day one to be both a fighter and a leader” that Arkansas “needs … at a time when our country needs it the most”.

Arkansas Republican gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s remarks:

Sanders’ full remarks at Friday’s Arkansas governor debate hosted by Arkansas PBS:

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