‘Read it, man!’: Flustered Biden Appears to put his Hands on Reporter When Asked About Abortion Restrictions

[Image: Joe Biden appears to put his hands on a reporter -- Twitter video screenshot.]

Joe Biden, on Thursday, appeared to become visibly flustered when a reporter asked the 79-year-old career politician “should there be any restrictions on abortion at all?”

Biden agreed “there should be” restrictions, but when questioned “what should they be”, the Democrat said, before appearing to put his hands on the reporter, “It’s Roe v. Wade. Read it, man! You’ll get educated.”

Roe v. Wade, however, was struck down by the Supreme Court in June and sent back to the states in a 6–3 ruling.

Fox News reports:

President Biden vowed Tuesday to introduce legislation codifying abortion protections as his first bill in the next Congress if Democrats keep control of the legislative branch. Biden made the announcement during a Democratic National Committee event in Washington.

Democrats have sought to make abortion the central issue for midterm elections after the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey in June. Abortion policy now falls to states, with red states enacting near-total bans and blue stats enshrining abortion in law if they hadn’t already.

While the issue has galvanized many voters, it remains less pressing than inflation and the economy in polling.

A Monday poll from The New York Times found that roughly 26% of voters said the economy is their most important issue, followed by inflation and cost of living at 18%. Abortion came in third, but at just 5%. Immigration also landed at 5%, while crime rounded out the top five at 3%.

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