Doocy to Jean-Pierre on why Psaki Said ‘Crime is a Huge Vulnerability for Dems’: ‘I Don’t Agree With Your Characterization of What she Actually Said’

[Image: Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre -- Twitter video screenshots. Former White House press sec. Jen Psaki -- NBC News Twitter video screenshot. TFT compilation].

During a White House press briefing on Monday, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about remarks made by former press secretary Jen Psaki, who said over the weekend “crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats”, ahead of the November midterms.

“If it is a referendum on the president, [Democrats] will lose, and they know that. They also know that crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats — I would say one of the biggest vulnerabilities,” Psaki said, in part, on NBC News.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre about the former press secretary’s comments during Monday’s briefing, wondering, “Jen Psaki says the ‘crime is huge vulnerability for Democrats’. Why would she say that?”

Jean-Pierre deflected from the question and appeared to go to talking points instead.

“So again, I can’t do electro-politics from here, as you know,” the White House press secretary replied.

“But I kind of don’t agree with your characterization of what she actually said,” Jean-Pierre alleged.

Doocy also asked the press secretary if Joe Biden “thinks America’s big cities are safe”.

Jean-Pierre claimed, “It is not a yes or no question”, asserting that the current violent crime wave is “complicated and multi-faceted”.

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