Biden: ‘That’s why I & so Damn Many Other People I Grew up With Have Cancer’

[Image: 79-year-old Joe Biden -- Twitter video screenshot.]

79-year-old Joe Biden, on Wednesday, appeared to claim that he has cancer — during a pre-scripted speech in Massachusetts over climate change when he was describing health effects of emissions from oil refineries.

The White House, however, quickly clarified Biden’s comment over his health, according to Fox News’ John Roberts.

“That’s why I and so damn many other people I grew up with have cancer and why for the longest time, Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation,” Biden said.

The White House quickly clarified Biden’s comment, saying Biden has had several non-melanoma skin cancers, caused from the the sun, removed, according to Roberts.

Meanwhile, users on Twitter weighed in over Biden’s puzzling remarks:

Fox News’ Brit Hume called out Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler after he appeared to cover for Biden’s gaffe:

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