Trump Reacts to Report of Secret Service Agents Willing to Testify he did Not Lunge at Steering Wheel on Jan. 6

[Image: 45th President Donald J. Trump -- Just the News Rumble video screenshot.]

45th President Donald J. Trump reacted on his social media platform Truth Social Tuesday evening after it was reported that two Secret Service agents revealed that they are prepared to testify before Congress that then-President Trump did not lunge at a steering wheel or assault them in an attempt to go to the Capitol during the January 6 protest. [Emphasis added].

The allegations were made on Tuesday by Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Cassidy Hutchinson’s hearsay story:

The head of the Secret Service detail, Bobby Engel, and the SUV driver, an unnamed Secret Service agent, are prepared to testify before the Jan. 6 committee that the president did not lunge at the steering wheel. The Jan. 6 committee and the Secret Service are in discussions about whether one or both men will appear on camera, Fox News reported.

In response, the 45th President wrote on Truth Social, “The woman, who was a BIG Trump fan long AFTER January 6th (if her Fake Stories were true, why would she want to be?), was let go and not wanted in Florida, so she made up phony and completely outrageous stories, the craziest of which has already been proven to be a complete lie.”

“The Secret Service said, according to the Media, it wasn’t true. Wow! She has now lost all credibility, just like the partisan Witch Hunt perpetuated by the Unselect Committee of political hacks. MAGA!” he said.

Trump also wrote: “The New York Times and Washington Post failed to even mention that today’s Unselect witness lost all credibility when she got caught in a ridiculous lie. Our Country has lost all confidence in the media and our elections. Sad!”

“The lies and fabricated stories being told to the partisan Highly Unselect Committee, not only by the phony social climber who got caught yesterday, but by many others, are a disgrace to our, in serious decline, Nation. No cross examination, no real Republicans, no lawyers, NO NOTHING. Fake stories and an all Fake Narrative being produced, with ZERO pushback allowed. Unselects should be forced to disband. WITCH HUNT!” the 45th President further expressed Wednesday morning.

NBC’s Peter Alexander destroyed the January 6th committee witness’s claim in one tweet:

Screenshots of President Donald Trump’s “Truths” on Truth Social:

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