‘YOU Take YOUR Seat’: Biden Seen Holding Notecard With Step by Step Instructions Informing him What to do

[Image: 79-year-old Joe Biden holds a notecard of instructions telling him what to do. Twitter photo.]

A photo being circulated on social media appears to show 79-year-old Joe Biden holding a note card at the White House on Thursday with step by step instructions informing him what to do.

One of the instructions on the notecard to Biden read: “YOU take YOUR seat.”


The note card appears to read:

  • Offshore Wind Drop-By Sequence of Events
  • YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants
  • YOU take YOUR seat
  • Press enters
  • YOU give brief comments (? Minutes)
  • Press departs
  • YOU ask Liz Shuler AFL-CIO President a question
  • YOU thank participants
  • YOU depart

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