Don Jr. Reacts to Biden’s Bike Fall with a Savage Meme & More: ‘I’m Just Shocked They Let Him Ride a Bike Without Training Wheels’

Don Jr., bidenVideo Screenshots

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in after Joe Biden was caught on camera falling off his bike in front of a group of his supporters and the media.

According to CNN, “Biden took a tumble when he was finishing a bike ride alongside first lady Jill Biden. The President deviated from the group as he biked over to a crowd that had gathered nearby. Biden came to a stop and appeared to get his foot caught on the pedal while trying to dismount…US Secret Service agents quickly helped the President up after his fall.”

“I got my foot caught”, Biden later told reporters. “I’m good.”

In response Trump Jr. humiliated Biden over the incident with a series of posts on Twitter, including a savage meme.

“I’m just shocked they let him ride a bike without training wheels,” he tweeted in his his initial reaction.

Moments later, the former president’s son asked his audience, “How long till they blame Putin?”

“I’m not sure there’s ever been a more perfect metaphor for the current state of our country than Biden falling off his bike while standing still for literally no reason,” Trump Jr. added in a corresponding tweet.

In ending, here’s a video meme Don Jr. blasted Biden with: