Sen. Rogers Receives an Endorsement From Fmr. US Military Intel Officer Seth Keshel for Reelection

[Image: Former Army intelligence captain Seth Keshel -- Rumble video screenshot. AZ State Senator Wendey Rogers -- Rumble video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Former Army intelligence captain Seth Keshel issued a statement on Wednesday announcing his endorsement for election integrity champion Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R).

Keshel, who been recognized by 45th President Donald Trump, provided a report last August regarding the 2020 election, in which he analyzed the trends of voter registrations versus actual votes and discovered alarming anomalies in a number of counties, ones that defy trends that (in some cases) have proved reliable for over 100 years.

“With political corruption at an all time high, incumbent endorsements rarely appeal to me; however, I am proud to endorse Senator (Lt. Col.) Wendy Rogers for the newly re-drawn Arizona Senate District 7 covering parts of Northern and Central Arizona,” Captain Seth Keshel said in a statement.

“She is aggressive on all issues pertaining to the defense of liberty and has been a leading voice in the fight against election corruption since Arizona’s third world election of November 3, 2020,” he said.

“She backs the 10 Points to True Election Integrity and has my full support,” Keshel also noted of his election recommendations, which can be viewed HERE.

Senator Rogers expressed her gratitude for his endorsement on Twitter, writing, “Honored to have the endorsement of Seth Keshel! He does so much behind the scenes for #ElectionIntegrity!”

Captain Seth Keshel’s statement:

According to Senator Wendy Rogers’ campaign website as to why she’s running for office:

President Trump endorsed me for 2022 because I am fighting to protect our God-given rights, our borders, and the state of Arizona from socialists and liberals.

My platform is to (1) protect life; (2) protect our guns; (3) ban sanctuary cities; (4) protect our border; (5) take care of our veterans; and (6) secure our elections. I can’t fight this fight alone and need your help. Will you stand with me to re-elect me to the AZ State Senate to be an unabashed pro-America conservative? As a retired career Air Force pilot, I know what it’s like to fight. I don’t owe lobbyists or special interests anything. I will only work for you.

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