Gov. Noem on the 2nd Amendment: ‘Now Would Be the Worst Time to Quit – Now Is when We Double Down’

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“The Left is afraid of the NRA. They fear people who think for themselves and who defend their rights,” South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem declared while speaking at the NRA Convention being held in Houston, TX.

The convention comes days after a school shooting in Uvalde, TX renewed calls from the Left for tougher measures on gun control.

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“There are so many people out there who are counting on us to help them defend their right, so don’t back down,” Noem said. “Now is not the time to quit. Now would be the worst time to quit. Now is when we double down.”

She continued, “This fight is much bigger than the people in this room. The consequences of our actions will affect all future generations of Americans. Do you want your children to have the same freedom that we’ve been blessed with? Do you want your grandchildren to understand and to know and experience liberty? Then we must protect the Second Amendment.”

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