Mark Levin Exposes ‘Dark Money’ Being Used to ‘Spoil’ U.S. Elections & ‘Poison Our Process’

LevinFox Video Screenshot

“We have our own form of an oligarchy in this country. We have our own oligarchs,” suggested Mark Levin as he discussed “dark money” that he says is being used to “spoil” U.S. elections and “poison our process.”

Levin claims most of the dark money that he speaks of “mostly goes to Democrats” as it comes from “billionaires on the Left” whose actions are “protected” from the Department of Justice and the mainstream media.

Appearing on Saturday’s airing of Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, Mr. Levin stated as follows:

“You’ve got [George] Soros. There have never been any hearings about Soros, never investigations about Soros. You’ve got that whole line of billionaires on the Left that fund all of these groups. You’ve got dark money now that mostly goes to Democrats. You’ve got [Mark] Zuckerberg, who did everything he could to affect the last election and, in fact, he did. Nobody’s investigating him for anything at the Department of Justice. They’ll go after parents, they’ll go after trespassers and so forth.

“So we have our own line of oligarchs here, and if they’re Radical Democrats and if they use their money whether it’s dark money or any other way to spoil these elections, to poison our process — they’re gonna be protected. They’re gonna be protected from the Department of Justice, they’re gonna be protected from their own party, they’re gonna be protected from the media.

“We have our oligarchs, that’s a problem.” Video Below