Jon Voight: ‘This Life Was Turned Upside-Down, but now I’m Here to Say that We Will Rise for We Are Here Now’

Jon VoightTwitter Video Screenshot

Conservative actor Jon Voight took to Twitter Saturday with an uplifting message as Americans adjust to life after making it “through the dark” of the coronavirus pandemic.

“A life that was turned upside-down. We lost family members, we were kept apart and we lost our love for life, our hope, our faith. We shut down,” says Voight with an American flag draped behind him.

“Through the dark, we found some light. We made music, we cooked, we tried to laugh, but life was dark. We stood the test of time for our trail on this Earth,” Voight said. “We made it through and lived to tell this tale, but we lost good people through the loss of our President’s historic chair, our President Trump, all his love for this nation was told he can not sit in that chair.”

He continued, “We lost good people through this darkness, yet we stood the time and now we’re heading for the opening of God’s light for every family to meet again, to greet again, to love again. We’ll have a memory to share, but it will be with many tears.”

“This life was turned upside-down, but now I’m here to say that we will rise for we are here now,” declared Voight. “We’re living the story of God’s glory, a family of love, a family of truth. We may have lost loved ones, but we haven’t lost our soul, our trust, our hope, our love, our blessings, our justice, our nation’s gifted role and our home, the lands, the soil, the grounds of the American dream, land of the free where our flag waves proudly and her light, her torch will never let us down again.”

“God Bless,” he concluded.