Doocy to Psaki: ‘How can you Guys say’ that ‘Biden was not a Close Contact’ with ‘Pelosi When There’s Video of’ her ‘Kissing Him?’

[Image: Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy and WH press sec. Jen Psaki -- The Post Millennial Twitter video screenshots. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama -- Twitter video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy grilled White House press secretary Jen Psaki over when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who reportedly has tested positive for COVID-19, kissed Joe Biden on the cheek and held his hand during an event at the White House this week.

A spokesperson for Pelosi announced Thursday that the San Francisco Democrat tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday after being spotted embracing Biden and kissing him on the cheek during an Affordable Care Act event in the East Room of the White House on Tuesday, Fox News reported.

“How can you guys say that President Biden was not a close contact with speaker Pelosi when there’s video of the speaker kissing him?” Doocy questioned Psaki during a Thursday White House press briefing.

Psaki responded, claiming, “Peter, the way that is defined by the Center of Disease Control, the CDC, and their definition of it is 15 minutes of contact within a set period of time and within 6 feet. It did not meet that bar. It does not mean that no one will get COVID around the world who does not have a close contact. It just means we are defining, for all of you, uh, whether the president and their interaction met the definition of the CDC of close contact”.

Doocy told Psaki that “half the cabinet” was at the event on Tuesday and others in the administration already have tested positive for COVID-19. “Is this going to be a national security problem if the cabinet comes to the White House and starts getting COVID?” he also asked.

“I don’t think we can assess where they got COVID, or where they acquired COVID. … I don’t know that it was Tuesday. There are other events obviously that have happened over the course of the last week as well. They are all boosted,” she alleged. Video Below

Peter Doocy’s exchange with Jen Psaki:

Roll the tape:

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