Watch: Rep. Gaetz Rips Sec. Austin to His Face: “I Am Embarrassed by Your Leadership”

[Image: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin -- C-SPAN Twitter video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

During a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) accused Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin of having time to embrace “critical race theory at West Point, socialism at the Defense University, and mandatory pronoun training” instead of “developing capabilities and being more strategic” against potential conflicts with our enemies.

Gaetz also told Austin directly to his face that he is “embarrassed” by his “leadership”.

“This is the most capable, the most capable combat critical force in the world. It has been and it will be so going forward. The fact that you are embarrassed by your country…,” Secretary Austin said to Rep. Gaetz during the heated exchange.

The Florida congressman interjected, telling the secretary of defense, “No. I am embarrassed by your leadership!”

“I am not embarrassed for my country. .. You know, that is so disgraceful that you would sit here and conflate your failures with the failures of the uniformed service members. You guys said that Russia would overrun Ukraine in 36 days. You said that the Taliban would be kept at bay for months. You totally blew those calls,” Rep. Gatez told Sec. Austin.

“And maybe we would better at them if the National Defense University actually worked a little more on strategy and a little less on wokeism. … I saw that the Obama administration tried to destroy our military by starving it of resources, and it seems the Biden administration is trying to destroy our military by force feeding it wokeism,” he added. Video Below

Watch the exchange: 

Full exchange between Rep. Gaetz and Sec. Austin:

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