Biden Appears to be ‘Ignored’ at ‘His Own Party’ Following an Event with Obama at the White House

[Image: Joe Biden at Affordable Care Act event at the White House with Barack Obama -- C-SPAN Twitter video screenshot.]

Following an event at the White House with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Barack Hussein Obama over the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, Biden appeared to be wandering around alone as guests seemed more interested in talking to the former president.

Video clips posted on Twitter captured the scenes, appearing to show Biden “being ignored” at “his own party”, according to former Deputy Assistant to President Trump Sebastian Gorka and Republican political commentator Paris Dennard.

Sebastian Gorka tweeted, “Brutal: Biden the By-Stander. At his OWN party…”

Paris Dennard tweeted, “Joe Biden being ignored … AGAIN!”

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Also during the event, Biden appeared to demote himself, telling attendees, “My name is Joe Biden. I’m Barack Obama’s Vice President”.

Obama also called Biden “vice president”, then immediately claimed it “was a joke”.

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