Trump Reacts After Russia Sanctions Biden, Hunter & Others: ‘Perhaps it Will now be Explained why the Biden Family Received 3.5 Million Dollars From…Former Mayor of Moscow’s Wife’

[Image: 45th President Donald J. Trump -- Rumble video screenshot. Joe Biden -- Fox News YouTube video screenshot. Hunter Biden -- CBS YouTube video screenshot. Russian President Vladimir Putin -- The Telegraph YouTube video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

45th President Donald J. Trump issued an email statement after the Russian government announced on Tuesday they sanctioned 79-year-old Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton and 10 other U.S. officials in response to the sanctions imposed by Washington.

The sanctions bar the officials from entering Russia. Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“Breaking News: Russia just sanctioned Joe Biden. While that is a terrible thing, in so many ways, perhaps it will now be explained why the Biden family received 3.5 million dollars from the very wealthy former Mayor of Moscow’s wife,” President Trump said in his email statement.

“During our Presidential Debate, ‘moderator’ Chris Wallace, then of Fox, would not let me ask that question. He said it was inappropriate,” he noted.

“Perhaps that’s why Biden has been so ‘slow on the draw’ with Russia. This is a really bad conflict of interest that will, perhaps now, be fully and finally revealed!” the 45th President said.

Trump has previously claimed that Hunter Biden received $3.5 million from Elena Baturina, the wife of late Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzkhov, in 2014. While an investigation by Senate Republicans alleged that Baturina made a payment in that amount to a firm called Rosemont Seneca Thorton, it remains unclear whether there is a connection between Rosemont Seneca Thorton and the investment firm Rosemont Seneca Advisors, which Hunter Biden co-founded, Newsmax reported.

Newsmax reported:

The other U.S. officials now sanctioned by Russia are: Secretary of State Antony Blinken; Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley; CIA Director William Joseph Burns; White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki; National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan; Deputy National Security Advisor Daleep Singh; Samantha Jane Power, administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development; Adewale Adeyemo, the first deputy minister of finance; and Reta Jo Lewis, the president of the Export-Import Bank.

The ministry said in the statement that it would add additional names to the sanctions list in the future to target people who are “Russophobic or contribute to inciting hatred towards Russia and the introduction of restrictive measures.” Video Below

The 45th President was referring to when he questioned Biden about his son Hunter during a 2020 Presidential debate:

Liz Harrington, Trump’s spokesperson, tweeted a screenshot of Trump’s email statement:

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