Watch: Sarah Huckabee Sanders & Her Family Troll CNN in New Campaign Ad

[Image: Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders -- campaign ad video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders released a new TV ad which features the former press secretary and her family trolling CNN.

Sanders explained in her ad that when she was the former White House press secretary under 45th President Donald Trump, she had to “say no a lot”, likely referring to the press, but added, “Being a mom to young kids was the perfect training”.

“As governor, I will say no to Biden and the radical left’s agenda. But yes, to good schools, lower taxes, and higher paying jobs,” Sanders said in her 30 second campaign ad.

“This is about our freedom and their future,” she said.

At the end of the video, Sanders’ kids are watching TV, and her daughter yells to Sarah, “Mommy, the boys are watching CNN.”

“Oh, absolutely not,” Sanders says to her kids, then flips the channel. Video Below


Governor Mike Huckabee responded to his daughter’s new ad, expressing, “Love Sarah’s new ad — especially the part about Fake News CNN!”

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