FLASHBACK: Biden Revealed During 2020 Debate, ‘I Would Transition From the Oil Industry, Yes’

[Image: Joe Biden -- The Hill YouTube video screenshot.]

As Joe Biden is now placing blame on Russia for high gas prices at the pump, it seems it is simply not true. The high gas prices appear to be on purpose and by design. Biden canceled construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline last year and attempted to halt new drilling permits on public land.

He said during his campaign that his administration would “transition from the oil industry” and repeatedly called for no new drilling on public lands.

During a debate in 2020, Joe Biden said, “I would transition from the oil industry, yes”:

We leave you with more examples of Joe Biden’s own remarks:

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Biden in 2019:

Joe Biden on the campaign trail:

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On Tuesday, however, Biden blamed Russia:

RNC Research tweeted a compilation of the Biden administration’s remarks over transitioning:

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