‘Stop Selling the American People a Bill of Goods’: Rep. Roy Erupts on House Floor at Colleagues Ahead of Omnibus Spending Bill Vote

[Image: Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) -- Twitter video screenshot.]

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) erupted on the House floor Tuesday toward both Democrat and Republican colleagues for “selling the American people a bill of goods”.

The Texas congressman spoke ahead of lawmakers voting on an omnibus spending bill to prevent a government shutdown. The package will also reportedly include at least $10 billion in aid to Ukraine, and billions more to address the ongoing COVID pandemic.

“Nobody in America wants us to plus up more spending irresponsibly,” Rep. Roy said Tuesday on the House floor. “Nobody in America wants to say, ‘Oh, let’s pat ourselves on our back now’, because some of my colleagues on the other side of the isle are saying, ‘You know what? It’s time now to ban Russian oil'”.

“It’s not good enough to ban Russian oil if we’re not gonna open up American oil and gas. All we’re gonna do is provide more money to Venezuela, more money to Saudi, more money to Iran, but yet, that’s being touted as a victory,” he said.

Biden administration officials traveled to Venezuela over the weekend for talks on potentially allowing the country to sell its oil on the international market, helping to replace Russian fuel. Biden may travel to Saudi Arabia as the US works to convince the kingdom to increase its production. And a looming nuclear deal could bring significant volumes of Iranian oil back to the market, CNN reported.

It’s far from clear that the administration’s efforts will yield results. Venezuela’s socialist leader, Nicolás Maduro, is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top ally in Latin America. So far, Saudi Arabia has refused to increase production, though officials remain hopeful of a breakthrough. And a revived Iran nuclear deal remains elusive — in part because of new demands by Russia, a partner in the international negotiations, per CNN. Continued Below

Rep. Roy said some of his colleagues think this new deal would be “great”, while also noting that his Democrat colleagues “don’t want any oil”.

“They don’t mind your gas being four dollars, seven dollars, ten dollars a gallon. Don’t get played. But my colleagues on this side of the isle are about to get played,” he said.

The Texas lawmaker also called out his colleagues for pushing medical mandates and “funding the processing of people” at the U.S. southern border. “We’re not gonna get a vaccine mandate, we’re not gonna get a secure border, and we’re not gonna get more oil and gas being produced in America,” he said. Continued Below

“All we’re doing is back-deal room making, waiting for somebody to drop a bill on the floor of the House, and then, come down and vote yes or no. That is a disgusting display by both sides of this body. We ought to have a full and open debate on the floor of the House about what we’re doing in sending arms to Ukraine, how much we’re spending, what it means for our involvement, what it means for NATO, what it means for stopping Putin,” Mr. Roy said.

“And stop spending money we don’t have. Stop funding tyranny. Stop forcing Americans to get a jab or lose their job. Stop leaving the border wide open, and stop selling the American people a bill of goods. And I’m looking directly at my Party when I say that,” he added.

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