Mike Lindell Announces a ‘Class-Action Lawsuit’ to Eliminate ‘Defective’ Voting Machines from U.S. Elections

Mike LindellRSBN Video Screenshot

“We got a class-action lawsuit that’s coming out hopefully by next week,” claimed Mike Lindell at Kari Lake’s “Rock and Roll Rodio Rally” on Saturday.

“This will get rid of the [voting] machines cause they’re considered defective devices… a defective product, like bad brakes on a car,” he added.

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The MyPillow CEO went on to say that his legal team has been working on the lawsuit for over five months and it has the support of hundreds of county commissioners and county clerks around America.

“We have a list now of over three hundred out of only three thousand counties,” Lindell said. “You only need a couple, but they’re jumping on board.”

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Here are a couple of key video clips from Lindell’s speech at Saturday’s rally: