Jesse Kelly: ‘Here’s Your Reminder That Jill Biden Is the Biggest Elder Abuser on the Planet’

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“Here’s your reminder that Jill Biden is the biggest elder abuser on the planet,” tweeted political commentator Jesse Kelly along with a video clip of Joe Biden dodging questions from reporters as he walked slowly through the grass leading up to the White House.

“How could you let your husband go through this in his final years? Kelly questioned. “Must be a good life being First Lady.”

“Mr. President, is Ukraine winning the war?” one reporter asked without getting any acknowledgment from Biden, who kept scooting along.

“Do you believe Putin will use a nuclear weapon?” another reporter asked.

“Mr. President, are you worried about nuclear war?” shouted a female journalist.

Biden, however, ignored the questions and slowly wandered away behind the walls of the White House. See Below