Sen. Cruz Films Fencing Around D.C. Capitol, Mocks Pelosi & Schumer for ‘Hollywood Theatrics’

[Image: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) films fencing around D.C. Capitol ahead of Joe Biden's SOTU address. Twitter video screenshot.]

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz released a video on Twitter showing Americans the fence that was built in Washington, D.C., ahead of Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, calling it “Hollywood theatrics”.

The fence comes as U.S. Capitol Police are reportedly preparing for the “The People’s Convoy” truck protest to Washington, D.C., for the March 1 speech. The convoy left Elk City Sunday morning to head to Vinita. They are expected to travel along I-40, the Turner Turnpike and other highways. (To see a schedule and map of the path for “The People’s Convoy”, CLICK HERE.)

Senator Cruz filmed the fencing around the Capitol from a vehicle on Monday, saying “Welcome to kabuki theater Washington. This is the fence Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have erected, [be]cause we need the actual backdrops for Biden’s State of the Union address.”

“Unless they’re expecting a zombie apocalypse, this makes no sense as a security matter. But it is Hollywood theatrics, the same theatrics we’ve seen for the past year,” he added.

In a statement on Twitter last week, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “knows walls work” and recommended the House Speaker “finish the wall at the border”.

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“Speaker Pelosi built a wall around the Capitol bc she’s afraid of truckers. The same truckers who deliver her favorite Dove Bars to stores her staff shops at,” the Georgia congresswoman said, referring to Pelosi’s apparent love for ice cream.

“Pelosi knows walls work and keep US taxpayers out of the People’s House. She should finish the wall at the border”,  she urged.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma gathered to greet “The People’s Convoy”:

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