‘It’s a lot of Bulls**t, That’s What it is’: Trump Slams Claims That Dems Are The Ones Defending ‘Democracy’

45th President Donald J. Trump speaking at CPAC 2022 -- Rumble video screenshot.

Speaking at CPAC on Saturday evening, 45th President Donald Trump pushed back at claims that the Democrats are the ones “defending democracy”, calling it “a lot of bulls**t”.

“They use Big Tech to censor you, the Deep State to spy on you, they use the intelligence agencies to frame you, they use the media to slander you, they use the legal system to persecute, they rig elections to disenfranchise you to destroy you, and ruin your lives,” Trump said.

“All the while, they claim they are the ones defending democracy. They say they are the ones that are going to defend your democracy and your justice, it’s a lot of bulls**t, that’s what it is”, Trump expressed.

“When we win, we will defeat this corrupt political establishment, we will save our Republic and we will restore our Constitutional government of, by, and for the people,” the 45th President vowed. Continued Below

“The Washington swamp knows we are coming to break their grip on power forever. That is why they so desperate to stop us. They will go to any lengths, and that is why the corrupt Democrat prosecutors and unconstitutional un-select committee on January 6th,” he continued.

“Can you imagine a committee made of these thugs? They hate us all. … But they’re continuing their evil and persecution of me, my family, my staff, my supporters, and you,” the 45th President said.

Trump added, “It’s the same witch hunt that’s been going on since day one, since actually, the day I came down the escalator with our great future first lady.” Continued Below

President Trump’s remarks:

Trump also slammed Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), suggesting that he is the “biggest, lying scum”.

“Where do you meet people like this? He actually made up a story about my phone call with the President of Ukraine,” he said of Schiff.

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