Trump Calls Out ‘Corrupt & Shameless’ Legacy Media For Ignoring Durham’s Filing Alleging Hillary’s Campaign Paid To Spy On Him

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45th President Donald J. Trump issued an email statement on Monday accusing the legacy media of being “corrupt” and “shameless” for their lack of coverage on new allegations filed on February 11, 2022 by Special Counsel John Durham.

Durham filed the government’s motion to inquire into potential conflicts of interest in the Michael Sussmann case, which alleges Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign paid a tech company to “infiltrate” Trump Tower and White House servers in a bid to establish a link to Russia.

“Can you imagine that, what should be the biggest story of our time, bigger than Watergate, is getting absolutely no mention, ZERO, in the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC Fake News, NBC Fake News, CBS Fake News, ratings-dead CNN, and MSDNC,” President Trump said from his “Save America” PAC.

“This in itself is a scandal, the fact that a story so big, so powerful, and so important for the future of our Nation is getting zero coverage from LameStream, is being talked about all over the world. Just like they wouldn’t talk about the many Biden corruption scandals prior to the Election, (or for that matter now!), they won’t talk about this, which is potentially even bigger. It shows how totally corrupt and shameless the media is,” he pointed out.

“Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and the Republicans, in particular President Donald Trump, got caught illegally spying into the Office of the President? All hell would break loose and the electric chair would immediately come out of retirement,” Trump suggested.

“The good news is, everybody is talking about not only this atrocity against our Nation, but that the press refuses to even mention the major crime that took place,” the 45th President added. Continued Below

Durham’s filing revealed how Clinton’s election campaign paid money to a tech firm to “infiltrate” servers that were at Trump Tower, and later the White House. According to a filing from Special Counsel John Durham, the aim was to try and smear Trump by linking him to Russia, which had been accused of meddling in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Rodney Joffe (identified as Tech Executive-1 in the Sussmann indictment and in the latest filing discussing the conflict) exploited proprietary – and perhaps classified – data provided by DARPA to further their own political attacks, and how that might result in charges. It was later confirmed that two former DARPA employees have given grand jury testimony.

According to Durham, Joffe and his associates exploited internet data from “the Executive Office of the President of the United States” to further their own political agenda. They had come to possess this data as part of a “sensitive arrangement” with the U.S. government. Continued Below

In a second statement on Monday over the matter, the 45th President said, “I was proven right about the spying, and I will be proven right about 2020!”

Read the 13 page motion filed by Special Counsel John Durham: GOVERNMENT’S MOTION TO INQUIRE INTO POTENTIAL CONFLICTS OF INTEREST.

On October 31, 2016, Hillary Clinton tweeted what appears to be blatant misinformation. The tweet remains on Twitter.

Liz Harrington, Trump’s spokesperson, tweeted screenshots of the 45th President’s email statements:

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On Sunday, Trump also said in statements:

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