In A Video Message, Trump Announces His ‘Complete & Total Endorsement’ For Vernon Jones In Georgia’s 10th Congressional District

[Image: 45th President Donald Trump -- Twitter video screenshot. GA Congressional Candidate Vernon Jones -- GWP Rumble video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

After exiting the race for Georgia’s governor, former State Rep. Vernon Jones has received an endorsement from 45th President Donald Trump in the race for the state’s 10th Congressional District.

In a video endorsement on Wednesday, Trump said he has “only one choice” when it comes to Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, adding, “And the man’s name is Vernon Jones”.

The 45th President said Vernon Jones is “a very special person”, adding that the former state rep. is “an American first fighter who will never back down to who will never back down to the establishment or the radical left”.

“Few fought harder for election integrity in 2020 than Vernon. And he’s a big supporter of a very good man running for governor: David Perdue. He has my complete and total endorsement. Vernon will not let you down. Let’s send a true patriot to Congress,” Trump urged in his video message.

Jones said in a statement that he is endorsing David Perdue, the Trump-back candidate and primary challenger to Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

In a statement on Wednesday, Jones shared Trump’s video message and expressed, “I’m proud to have President Trump’s endorsement, confidence and support as I seek to represent the people of Georgia’s 10th Congressional District. America First movement is alive and well! The squad better get ready!” Continued Below

45th President Donald J. Trump’s video endorsement for Vernon Jones:

Republican candidates will contend for the vacant 10th District seat to replace Rep. Jody Hice, who is running for Secretary of State. Prior to Jones’ announcement, the contenders included Patrick Witt, Mike Collin and State Rep. Timothy Barr, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

Vernon Jones spoke with Newsmax on Wednesday explaining why he’s running for Congress:

On Monday, Jones released a statement announcing his run for Congress:

Continued Below

On Tuesday, Mr. Jones tweeted, “‘Feel The Vern’ is coming to Georgia’s 10th Congressional District! Let’s get ready to rummmble!”

On Wednesday, he added:

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