Bannon To Pence: ‘You’re Gonna Carry This Thing Eventually To Your Grave…You Are A Cold Stone Coward’

[Image: Steve Bannon -- War Room Rumble video screenshot. Mike Pence -- CNN Twitter video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Reacting to remarks made by Mike Pence on Friday, Steve Bannon called the former vice president a “stone-cold coward” and said that he will “carry this to his grave”.

Bannon’s observation came after Pence said in a speech to the Federalist Society on Friday, “There are those in our party who believe that as the presiding officer over the joint session of Congress that I possessed unilateral authority to reject electoral college votes. And I heard this week, that President Trump said I had the right to overturn the election. President Trump is wrong. I had no right to overturn the election”.

“That’s not what president Trump said — is you had the full right to revert back to the states,” Steve Bannon explained during an airing on Saturday’s “War Room”.

“… The president pro temp sent you a letter and requested that you send it back to the state legislators so they could review the process of how they certified the Biden electors.”

“Pence, you’re gonna carry this thing, eventually to your grave. … Because it is a mark of shame, and you are a cold stone coward. A stone cold coward,” Mr. Bannon expressed.

“My head is blowing up. I can’t take Pence. I can’t take Pence and Marc Short and these Koch guys up there, ratting out Trump up on Capitol Hill right now,” he also said. Video Below

Bannon’s remarks:

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Boris Epshteyn weighed in, calling Pence’s remarks “extremely disappointing and incorrect”.

Pence’s remarks came after Trump issued a statement last weekend, in response to efforts by a bipartisan group of Democrats and “RINO Republicans”, according to Trump, who are trying to pass legislation that would clarify the vice president’s role when it comes to certifying the results of a Presidential Election.

Trump, in a statement on January 30th, wondered, “If the Vice President (Mike Pence) had ‘absolutely no right’ to change the Presidential Election results in the Senate, despite fraud and many other irregularities, how come the Democrats and RINO Republicans, like Wacky Susan Collins, are desperately trying to pass legislation to not allow the Vice President to change the results of the election?”

“Actually what they’re saying, is that Mike Pence did have the right to change the outcome, and now they want to take that right away. Unfortunately, he didn’t exercise that power, he could have overturned the Election!” Trump declared.

According to Real Clear Politics: “Sen. Susan Collins told ABC News last weekend, she is working with Joe Manchin on a bipartisan reform of the 1887 Electoral Count Act to clarify the role of the vice president in counting the votes of the Electoral College and handling challenges to presidential elections.”

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