WATCH: Canadian Farmers Appear to Unite with Truckers & ‘Lock Down’ Toronto in Protest of Mandates

Canadian Truckers & FarmersTikTok Video Screenshots

Canadian farmers apparantly have joined forces with truckers to send a message to the country’s leadership over mandates.

A video surfaced on social media on Friday that appears to show a plethora of tractors and other agricultural equipment parked in the middle of downtown Toronto, with owners of the equipment standing on the street to protest.

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One of the signs held by a demonstrator reads, “Truck Off Goverment, No More Mandates.”

“Downtown Toronto is now being locked down by farmers,” a Twitter user captioned the video of the protest. “The workers of the world are uniting – just not in the way the globalists hoped.”

Video Below


As reported by Fox News, “The Freedom Convoy of truckers left Vancouver for Ottawa on Jan. 23 to protest the federal government’s vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers and is calling for an end to coronavirus restrictions. The convoy reached Ottawa [last] weekend and police estimated between 5,000 to 18,000 people were on the streets Saturday. The number is estimated to have come down to the hundreds of protesters as of Wednesday.”