‘No RINOs!!!’: Sen. Rogers Endorses 5 America First Congressional Candidates Ahead Of November Midterms

[Image: Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) -- Twitter photo. Christian Collins TX Congressional Candidate -- Twitter photo. JR Majewski- OH Congressional Candidate -- Twitter photo. Tim Baxter - NH Congressional Candidate -- Twitter photo. Taffy Howard - SD Congressional Candidate -- Twitter photo. Lori Saine - CO Congressional Candidate -- Twitter photo. The Freedom Times compilation].

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) announced her endorsement for five America first, conservative congressional candidates ahead of the 2022 November midterms.

On Saturday, Senator Rogers said in a statement on Twitter, “People say: ‘Wendy, who do you think you are endorsing people? Nobody cares.’ I say, if they didn’t care why are they tweeting about it? All I am trying to do is find candidates worthy of supporting to give voters the info when they’re deciding who they might support. No RINOs!!!”

On Wednesday, Senator Wendy Rogers said in a statement on Twitter, “I endorse Christian Collins because he is a true conservative who will put families and America First. Unlike his opponent, he does NOT have endorsements from Dan #Cringeshaw and Adam Kinzinger, who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, oppose President Trump, and oppose the Freedom Caucus at every turn.”

“Christian Collins will fight for our gun rights, an immigration moratorium, and forensic audits. We need Christian to stop the RINOs! Please go ‘all in’ and get behind his campaign as I am now doing,” she urged.

Collins expressed his gratitude for Senator Rogers’ endorsement, writing on Twitter Wednesday, “Wendy Rogers is one of the most courageous conservatives in all of America. She’s leading the fight for election integrity & transparency. Because of her hard work, the American people are fully aware of the great scam that took place on Nov 3. Honored to have her support.”

According to Collins’ campaign website, he is a sixth-generation Texan, founder of Texas Youth Summit, former Cruz aide, and a conservative activist. He is running in the Republican primary election for Texas’ 8th Congressional District.

You can read more about Mr. Collins at his campaign website. Continued Below

Senator Rogers announced a second endorsement on Wednesday for Air Force veteran JR Majewski, who is running for Congress in Ohio’s 9th District.

“I endorse JR Majewski for Congress in Ohio’s 9th District. JR is an Air Force veteran and has lived in the district his entire life. JR also has supported President Trump from the beginning and has ALWAYS opposed the evil Obamacare,” Rogers said.

“One of his main RINO opponents supports Obamacare and backed Never Trumper John Kasich. We must get behind JR to protect our healthcare freedom, our border, and our guns. Please join me in support JR Majewski for Congress – we need him!” Senator Rogers recommended.

Majewski responded to Senator Rogers’ endorsement, writing on Twitter Thursday, “Thank you again Wendy Rogers. We made it into a graphic so all the liberal crybabies can scream and post mean things.”

According to Majewski’s campaign website, he “serve[d] honorably in the United States Air Force (USAF) from 1999-2003. During his tenure in the Air Force, Majewski served overseas, and was deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

In 2003, Majewski began his career in Nuclear Security at FirstEnergy’s (FE) Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station located in Oak Harbor, Ohio. After his proven success, Majewski was rapidly promoted, becoming the youngest Project Manager in the company’s history. Majewski went on to manage multiple multi-million-dollar projects within the nuclear industry and earned a reputation for his leadership style and ability to transform struggling projects, programs, and portfolios into high performers, his website states. Continued Below

Senator Rogers also announced her endorsement on Wednesday for State Rep. Taffy Howard (R-SD) who is running for South Dakota’s lone Congressional seat

“I endorse State Representative Taffy Howard for Congress in South Dakota. She is an Air Force veteran, supports an immigration moratorium and was one of the brave legislators who signed the Audit All 50 States letter,” Rogers said.

“She is taking on a communist RINO who voted with Pelosi for Red Flag gun confiscation. Taffy will be a huge asset to our country fighting for us in DC. Please get behind Taffy’s campaign and help her WIN,” Rogers advised.

According to Howard’s campaign website, she is “running for US Congress to fix election integrity, to fix immigration, and to fix the national debt, among many other issues that are critical to the future of this country. She agrees wholeheartedly with Ronald Reagan: ‘Man is not free unless government is limited.’ As your Congresswoman, Taffy will work hard to cut taxes, fix immigration and election fraud, protect life, and preserve liberty.”

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The Arizona lawmaker also endorsed Lori Saine on Friday, who is for Congress in Colorado’s 8th Congressional District.

“I endorse Lori Saine for Congress in Colorado’s 8th Congressional District. She supports and has fought for audits, supports our gun rights, and she supports an immigration moratorium. She is by far the most conservative America First person in the race!” Senator Rogers proclaimed.

“Please join me in supporting Lori Saine for US Congress so she can block the radical communist anti-America, anti-God, and anti-freedom agenda,” she encouraged.

Lori Saine reacted to Senator Rogers’ endorsement, writing, “It is amazing to have the support of true patriots like Senator Wendy Rogers who roll up their sleeves and fight everyday for the American people. God bless you, Senator Rogers!”

According to Saine’s campaign website, she says she’s running because, “I differ from other Republicans in that I am not looking to make friends. I am not looking to work with Democrats to pass their socialist agenda. And I’m not looking for some kind of payday in exchange for selling out America to Corporate America and their allies in the Chinese Government.”

“I’m Lori Saine from Dacono, Colorado. I’m a wife, mother and businesswoman. I believe in Freedom, the Constitution and our American way of life. If you agree, join my team and send me to Congress, because Freedom is worth fighting for!” Saine expressed. Continued Below

The Arizona State Senator also endorsed Tim Baxter for Congress on Friday for New Hampshire’s 1st District.

“I endorse Tim Baxter for US Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st District. Tim was with us on the audits and introduced legislation for a full forensic audit of New Hampshire,” she said.

“He supports an immigration moratorium, will fight against medical tyranny and is strong on the 2nd Amendment. I support Tim 100% and know he is an America First Patriot! Please help Tim Baxter WIN!” Rogers announced.

Baxter expressed his appreciation for Rogers’ endorsement, saying, “Thank you WendyRogers! I am running for Congress to ANNIHILATE the Swamp! Support our Grassroots campaign at http://BaxterForCongress.com/Donate #AmericaFirst #NHPolitics #NH01″

According to Baxter’s campaign website, he said, “New Hampshire has been sending Democrats and weak Republicans to DC for far too long. Our state needs representatives who embody the Live Free or Die spirit.”

Last weekend, Sen. Rogers noted, however, “I don’t endorse to win. I endorse who is right and who has a good chance to win in the hopes that SOME of my endorsements make it because the nation will be better off with less RINOs and Communists.”

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