Leo Terrell on NY Mayor Calling White Cops ‘Crackers’: ‘I Could Convict Adams in a Court of Law as a Racist’

Leo Terrell, Eric AdamsFox Video Screenshot, Daily News Video Screenshot

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell thinks there is enough evidence to “convict” New York City mayor Eric Adams in the court system “as being a racist.”

The notion made by Terrell comes after a video surfaced from 2019 showing the now Democrat mayor referring to white police officers as “crackers.” Adams has since apologized for the remarks.

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“Every day in the Police Department, I kicked those crackers’ a–,” Adams says in the video.

“Man, I was unbelievable in the Police Department with 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement,” he continued, in reference to a group he co-founded in the ’90s. “Became a sergeant, a lieutenant, and a captain. You know the story — some people all of a sudden trying to reinvent me. But the reality is what I was then is who I am now.”

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In response, Mr. Terrell called Adams an “honorary member of the Squad” and tweeted: “I will not shut up about racist Mayor Eric Adams. Look at my tweets since January 1, 2022. I saw a ‘rat’ from day one! With the video tape of his comments, I could convict Adams in a court of law as a racist!!!”

“Attention racist mayor Eric Adams of New York City. Your apology for making racist statements against white people is REJECTED,” Leo said in a corresponding tweet. “You are only apologizing because you got caught. Your apology is insincere. I’ll wait until you resign as mayor.”

Here is a collection of all related statements unleashed by Terrell on Friday: