CNN’s Collins & Raju Say Biden Called To ‘Apologize’ For Remark; Doocy Says Biden Told Him ‘It’s Nothing Personal, Pal’

[Image: Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy -- Fox News YouTube video screenshot. CNN Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins and CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju -- CNN YouTube video screenshots. Joe Biden -- C-SPAN Twitter video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

79-year-old Joe Biden was heard on his microphone calling Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a b*tch” on Monday — for attempting to ask him a question over inflation, as previously reported by The Freedom Times.

“Will you take questions on inflation then? Do you think inflation will be a political liability for the midterms?” Doocy asked, which Biden in turn responded, “It’s a great asset — more inflation. What a stupid son of a b*tch”.

Peter Doocy told host Sean Hannity that Joe Biden called his cell phone within an hour after the exchange and told Doocy, “It’s nothing personal, pal”.

“We went back and forth and we were talking about — just kind of moving forward. I made sure to tell him that I’m always going to try to ask something different [than] what everybody else is asking. And he said, ‘You got to'”, Doocy said regarding the phone call with Biden. “That’s a quote from the president, and I’ll keep doing it”.

When Hannity asked if Biden apologized, Doocy responded, “He cleared the air, and I appreciate it. … We had a nice call”.

“That’s not an answer,” Hannity insisted. “That doesn’t sound like an apology.” Continued Below

Meanwhile, CNN Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins and CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju both took to Twitter, asserting that Joe Biden apologized to Peter Doocy.

“President Biden called Peter Doocy tonight to apologize for his remark earlier,” Kaitlin Collins wrote on Twitter Monday evening.

Manu Raju also said, “Biden calls Doocy and apologizes for his remark, per [kaitlan collins]”. Video Below

Peter Doocy’s exchange with Sean Hannity over what Joe Biden said:

Kaitlan Collins’ tweet:

Manu Raju’s tweet:

Continued Below

Last January, Biden warned about 1,000 presidential appointees on a video conference that he would fire them “on the spot” if he heard that they have shown “disrespect” to people in their professional conduct.

“I’m not joking when I say this: If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect or talk down to someone, I promise you, I will fire you on the spot — on the spot. No ifs ands or buts,” Biden claimed. “Everybody is entitled to be treated with decency and dignity.”

Further, in a statement on Twitter in 2020, Biden claimed, “… attacking the press and attempting to intimidate independent media is a standard part of the authoritarian playbook around the world. And it’s why Donald Trump’s efforts to demonize the media put us on such a dangerous path.”

“…Trump deflects legitimate questions with attacks. He bullies members of the press, instead of taking responsibility for his failures … We must vote Trump out this November and assure that attacks on our free press are never again acceptable — especially not in the White House,” he alleged.

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