WATCH: Focus Group Shocks CBS Host After They Agree America Is Not In A Better Place Than It Was One Year Ago

[Image: CBS "Face the Nation" focus group discussion -- YouTube video screenshot.]

During a CBS “Face the Nation” focus group discussion, host Margaret Brennan spoke with American voters over zoom, weighing in on COVID-19, the economy, and the government, while simultaneously appearing to prop up the Biden administration, despite the the many failures in the first year.

Three of the panelists reportedly voted for 79-year-old Joe Biden, while the other three identified as Trump supporters. In the discussion, all six panelists indicated their lives have not gotten better under Democrat policies.

All six panelists agreed that America is not in better place, appearing to shock CBS host Margaret Brennan:

Chelsea, a Biden voter, told the CBS host, “I think I am more skeptical now. My life has not improved. COVID has not improved. Biden has not stuck to any of his promises. I don’t think anyone in Washington is really for working people.”

The panelists also agreed that the economy has not improved under Biden, while CBS’ Margaret Brennan tried to claim “the direction of the economy recovery is happening”.

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Another panelist said she “needs the government to stop spending money on things that are worthless” to the American people.

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Watch the full discussion:

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