Kayleigh McEnany Indicates Why Biden’s Press Conference Was the ‘Most Delusional’ She Has Ever Seen

Kayleigh McEnany, BidenFox Video Screenshots

“I thought that was the most delusional press conference I have ever seen,” Fox News contribitor Kayleigh McEnany said in reaction to Joe Biden’s second solo press conference since taking office.

Appearing on Thursday’s airing of Outnumbered, the former White House press secretary exposed the “toxic formula” that appeared to exist involving a president who “does not have a basic grasp on the facts” and a press corps “that just isn’t interested in basic follow-ups.”

McEnany stated as follows:

[Biden] said he overperformed, but the American people give him a 33% rating in Quinnipiac. He begins by touting the economy for which the American people give him an approval rating of anywhere between 36-40%. He said he did not make a mistake in Afghanistan, but the American people say ‘Nope, 31% approval, President Biden.’

It was delusional and… it was also the first time the President of the United States, or really Biden ever in a two-hour solo format… and I left that press conference genuinely scared for the future of our country.

This is someone who is deeply delusional, someone who clearly does not know how to lead. He does not have a basic grasp on the facts. He continued to peddle mistruth after mistruth, emboldening Putin, emboldening Xi and China. And this is only one year! We’ve only had one year of President Biden and look and the crisis and the fires across the country that he entirely ignored.

We have three more years left of this guy. I left very disturbed and even more disturbed by the reporters. But I can tell you if President Trump said half of what President Biden had said yesterday, reporters would have been screaming. They would have had a follow up. They would have spoken over President Trump as he was speaking… They didn’t do that yesterday. So it’s a toxic formula when you have a delusional president and a press corps that is just uninterested in basic follow-ups.