Dr. Gorka On Jan. 6 Phone Records Subpoena: ‘They Chose The Wrong Person To Join Battle With…Bring It, Democrats’

[Image: Dr. Sebastian Gorka -- Newsmax Twitter video screenshot.]

Former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, told Democrats on the January 6 House Select Committee to “bring it” following the announcement that his phone records were subpoenaed from Verizon.

At Turning Point USA’s “America Fest” last weekend, he revealed during his speech to the gathering of young conservatives that Verizon notified him his phone records had been subpoenaed by the House committee, and that they would be handed over unless an injunction is filed within 15 days.

“I got an early Christmas present Saturday. It arrived at my door — this Fed Ex envelope via Verizon subpoena compliance department. In it, a stack of papers from Verizon — said they received from Congress,” Sebastian Gorka told Grant Stinchfield on Newsmax this week.

“This subpoena [is] from the January 6th Committee, demanding all my telephone records — everything related to anybody on my account; my wife, my children, and I’ve got 15 days to get a court injunction to stop them over Christmas,” he continued.

“Very amusing. I’m not standing down, as I said in front of 10,000 patriots yesterday in Phoenix at a Turning Point American Fest. They chose the wrong person to join battle with. This is political warfare. My parents survived Nazi occupation. My parents were persecuted under the Communistic dictatorship that replaced the Nazis. This is time to stand up to the fascists who are running ‘Nancy’s Party’ and this committee,” he urged.

“My hashtag for the rest of year and next is: ‘Bring it, Democrats’, [be]cause I’m ready”, Dr. Gorka stated. Video Below

Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s full remarks: