Tucker Reacts as Maxine Watters Is Caught on Camera Not Wearing a Mask on an Airplane: ‘She Can Do Whatever She Wants’

Tucker, Maxine WattersFox Video Screenshot

Tucker Carlson exposed more hypocrisy in regards to political elitists after Democrat Rep. Maxine Watters was spotted on an airplane not wearing a mask for over an hour.

The Fox News host summarized a report by the Daily Wire, which obtained a photo of a maskless Watters that was taken by an individual who was seated in close proximity to the Democrat congresswoman on a recent United Airlines flight from Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA.

On his Tuesday night program, Tucker stated as follows:

According to the Daily Wire, which got the picture, flight attendants only asked Watters to put on her mask after they were alerted by a tipster. So she could go bare-faced for a full hour and even took a maskless nap.

Boy, if there’s a definition of luxury on commercial air travel — a maskless nap. Could you imagine being allowed to breath while you nap on a plane?

You notice that Maxine Watters was not physically dragged off a plane, charged with a felony, permanently banned from flying. No, of course not! It’s Maxine Watters. She can do whatever she wants. Shut up, sir! You’re not Maxine Watters. Video Below