Hillary Clinton Announces She’ll Be Teaching Her ‘Skills’ in a MasterClass, Don Jr. Roasts Her: ‘She’s Probably Qualified to Teach One on…’

Don Jr., Hillary ClintonCPAC Video Screenshot, Hillary Clinton Video Screenshot

Donald Trump Jr. seized the opportunity to ridicule Hillary Clinton after the 2016 prrsidential election loser invited her followers to join her MasterClass, where she will “be teaching the skills” she developed over the course of her career.

According to Fox News, “Clinton, the former secretary of state, said she hoped her lessons would arm her viewers with “passion and purpose.” She also teased that she’ll be sharing what would have been her 2016 presidential election speech had she emerged victorious, saying it would be a way for her to ‘face’ her defeat ‘head-on.'”

“I’m excited to invite you to join my new @Masterclass,” Hillary tweeted along with a teaser video. “I’ll be teaching the skills I developed throughout my career—the challenges, the triumphs, and all the rest. I hope these lessons will help you chart your own path with passion and purpose.”

In response, Don Jr. tweeted, “I would say that the only masterclass Hillary Clinton is qualified to teach is one on how to never become President of the United States, but she’s probably qualified to teach one on how Epstein totally ‘killed himself too.’

Here are some more highly-engaged reactions to Hillary’s announcement: