45th President Trump Reacts After Kyle Rittenhouse Is Acquitted By Jurors On All Counts

[Image: 45th President Donald J. Trump -- C-SPAN Twitter video screenshot.]

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted by jurors on all counts on Friday. The jury reached the verdict shortly after noon, and the foreman read it aloud in the Kenosha County Courthouse afterwards.

45th President Donald Trump reacted to the verdict in an email from his “Save America” PAC, saying, “Looks like President Trump was right!” and included a tweet from previous remarks he made over the case.

Trump added a tweet in his statement, posted by the user ‘Jewish Deplorable’, which showed comments Trump had made to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins last summer — regarding Kyle Rittenhouse.

The 45th President had told the CNN White House correspondent last August that Kyle Rittenhouse “was trying to get away from them, I guess, it looks like. And then he fell, and they very violently attacked him.”

“It’s something that we’re looking at right now, and it’s under investigation, but I guess he was in very big trouble, and he would have been — he probably would have been killed,” Trump said, adding, “But it’s under investigation.”

In an second email statement, the 45th President said on Friday, “Congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse for being found INNOCENT of all charges. It’s called being found NOT GUILTY—And by the way, if that’s not self defense, nothing is!” Video Below


Rittenhouse sat quietly before the verdict was read on Friday. Afterwards, he started shaking and breathing heavily.

On the flip side, then-presidential nominee Joe Biden tweeted a video last September, suggesting Rittenhouse was a “white supremacist”.

Biden also appeared to falsely smear Rittenhouse during an interview on CNN last year.

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On Friday, 78-year-old Joe Biden claimed that he now “stands by what the jury has concluded”, adding, “The jury system works and you have to abide by it”.

Shortly after, however, one of Biden’s handlers released a statement, alleging he is “angry and concerned about the process.”


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Kamala Harris, who shared a bail fund on Twitter for criminal rioters during the summer 2020 riots, said on Friday, “there’s a lot more work to do” with the criminal justice system following the Rittenhouse verdict.

Rittenhouse’s defense attorney Mark Richards pointed out after the trial that Biden “said some things” that “are so incorrect and untrue”.