Democrat Rep. Says ‘Lets Go, Brandon’ Chant Is Equivalent To Burning American Flag

[Image: Democrat State Representative Gloria Johnson (TN) -- The Tennessee Holler YouTube video screenshot.]

Democrat State Representative Gloria Johnson (TN) believes the viral phrase “Lets Go, Brandon”, which is critical of career politician Joe Biden, should be equated to setting the American flag on fire.

According to an earlier report by The Freedom Times, “Let’s Go, Brandon” soared into a trending national catch-phrase after an NBC reporter went into damage-control mode as “F**k Joe Biden!” chants erupted on live TV when NASCAR driver Brandon Brown was being interviewed.

Rep. Gloria Johnson took to twitter on Monday, writing, “As a friend said, I think it should be equated with burning the flag, in essence, that’s what they are doing.”

The Tennessee state representative followed up in a later tweet, saying that comparing the “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant to burning the American flag was “not a legal take”, but “a person’s opinion” after she was ratioed on Twitter.

“Reading is fundamental. It’s not a legal take, it’s a person’s opinion. And as a few were smart enough to understand-both are protected speech,” she wrote.

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We leave you with a few highly engaged responses to Rep. Johnson:

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