Sen. Murkowski Claims ‘Outsiders’ Are Trying ‘To Grab Alaska’s Senate Seat’, Tshibaka Fires Back:

Murkowski, TshibakaVideo Screenshots

Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s GOP opponent Kelly Tshibaka fired back after Murkowski suggested “outsiders” are trying “to grab Alaska’s Senate seat” while announcing her bid for reelection.

“In this election, Lower 48 outsiders are going to try to grab Alaska’s Senate seat for their party’s agendas,” Murkowski said in a video released early on Friday morning. “They don’t understand our state and frankly, they could care a less about your future.”


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In response, Alaskan Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka, who was recently endorsed by 45th President Donald Trump, released a video claiming that Murkowski is actually the one being funded by “outside interests.”

“Lisa Murkowski officially launched her reelection campaign today while Alaskans were sleeping,” Tshibaka tweeted along with a video showing her taking out the trash. “She claims that outside interests are after her seat, in reality, it is outside interests funding her campaign. Alaskans are ready for a change, & together we will retire Liberal Lisa.” Video Below